Day 7: Eyes are fully open

I’ve been routinely checking on the babies every morning and here’s the first shot of the day. Good morning, sleepy heads!

When we got home this evening, Dad was brooding the nestlings. I can tell it’s Dad because of his darker colour.

Moments later, Mama flies in with dinner. Then she babysits and Dad flies away to gather more worms. On average, the nestlings get fed with worms & bugs about 6-7 times in an hour! No wonder they grow so fast!

Check out the wings…the pin feathers have begun to unsheathe.

I read that baby robins instinctively know to sit low and still when the parents are away.

The most noticeable change in them today is their eyes. They are now fully open! They seem to be more aware of their surroundings but it didn’t seem to bother them when I got close to take these photos.

They seem to be doing very well. Strange, though, I have not heard them chirp at all. Maybe they do, but very faintly.

Other Creature Update:

Francis noticed this bunny resting below our water meter this morning. I hope it will stay away from the fledglings when they get off the nest.