A White Oak for our front lawn

The town of Oakville sent in their crew this morning to do tree planting in our neighbourhood. Our street is now beautifully lined with White Oak trees. Not all lots get a tree due to space limitations, diversity of soil, or utility obstructions such lights and hydro poles. I’m glad we got one for our front lawn!

The White Oak ~ In spring the young leaves are exquisite in their delicate silvery pink, covered with soft down as with a blanket. The petioles are short, and the leaves which cluster close to the ends of the shoots are pale green and downy with the result that the entire tree has a misty, frosty look which is very beautiful. This lovely vision continues for several days passing through the opalescent changes of soft pink, silvery white and finally yellow green.

The leaves usually turn red or brown in autumn, but depending on climate, site, and individual tree genetics, some trees are nearly always red, or even purple in autumn, others turn straight to a brown.