Day 13: Big day for the robins!

When I checked on the birds at 7 this morning, one of the babies had already fledged. The other one was perched on a branch getting ready to make the jump. I quickly grabbed my camera and stood on the porch with wet hair and a towel draped around my shoulders.

Dad delivered a small breakfast. They’ve been feeding them less to encourage them to leave the nest.

Having a moment with Dad…

OK… here we go!

It landed on another branch! :)

Mama cheering her baby on from the Red Maple.

I did it!!! I am officially a fledgling!

It hopped and waddled on the lawn. I was afraid it would cross the street!

Then it looked back at me as if to say goodbye… ;(

I think it was attracted to our colourful recyclables. Aaaawww….it’s attempting to fly!

I believe I can fly….

Hmph! Not today. In the meantime, I’ll hop and waddle.