We got a puppy!

Now that my daughter has graduated from university and has moved back in with us temporarily, we’ve decided we’re ready to welcome a puppy into our home. Rafiki, our rambunctious chocolate Cockapoo was 13 weeks when we picked her up on August 2nd. These are photos taken on her first morning with us. Her first night at home wasn’t too bad. She only cried for a few minutes when we put her in the crate for the night, then fell asleep like a baby as my daughter and I slept on the couch in the kitchen. She started whimpering softly around 2 am, so we let her snuggle with us on the couch.

Rafiki - Chocolate Cockapoo

Her crate and pen is set up in a bright, sunny spot in our kitchen/family room where she can look out the backyard through the glass backdoor. From her crate, she also has a view of the rest of the house. A big thanks to our friends, Karen & Jon who lent us their puppy’s pen, which we’ve attached to Rafiki’s crate, and Treena & Charlie who lent us little Carlo’s pen which we will use to block off certain areas of our open-concept house, as Rafiki grows.

Rafiki - Chocolate Cockapoo



We let her explore the backyard on her first morning out. Our backyard is all pea gravel and part flagstones. We’re worried she’ll chew and choke on pea gravel!

A little camera shy, Rafiki?

Her first time on a leash.

I love how her coat colour changes with the light.

Here she is on the front lawn, watching cars, people and dogs go by. She’s curious of every sound.
Rafiki - Chocolate Cockapoo