Rafiki at 3.5 months

The first couple of weeks have been exciting, entertaining, challenging and tiring. Rafiki’s arrival has changed so many things around the house. We’ve moved around some furniture and altered our routine. The breakfast area in our kitchen is now a maze of wire and plastic pens. I now get up an hour earlier than usual to take her out to go potty – up at 5:30 a.m.!

Because most of our backyard is covered with pea gravel, “Drop it!” and “Off!” are the most used commands in the backyard. YouTube is a great resource for puppy training! We’ve been watching a lot of puppy training videos the past couple of weeks.

Loose leash walking

Learning to sit and stay

We’ve been training her to ring the bell when she needs to go potty.

She’s a quick learner!

We not only have pea gravel in the backyard. We also have a bed covered with mulch! It’s a challenge trying to keep her away from it. I’m so worried she’ll choke on mulch.