Project: Backyard

The Hardscape

After 4 years in this house, we are finally having our backyard done!  Our backyard, right now, is all sod, with a bird feeder standing in the middle and a BBQ grill in one corner. So we’re starting with a clean slate here. I drew up a rough sketch with the Paper app for iPad. I am going for a rustic, natural look. I want the borders and materials to flow naturally.

Backyard Layout


These are the rocks I plan to use. Google tells me the flagstone I picked is commonly known as “Iron Mountain”.  I love the texture and colours, especially when they’re wet. It was raining when I went to the yard and the colour saturation was just beautiful! Then I saw these limestones with moss growing on them! Moss! You know how I love mossy things. And rusty things. And old things. I want the hardscape and landscape to look like they’ve been there for years. Initially, I was going for armour stone,  until I saw the mossy limestone. I’m still waiting for the price quote on these rocks. Limestone is a bit pricier than armour stone, but not much.



Natural rock steps.


And these are the inspiration. Thanks Pinterest and Houzz.