Day Trip to Point Pelee



A day trip to Point Pelee this past weekend was exactly what I needed to get out of this photography  slump.

Point Pelee National Park is the southernmost point in Canada and is a migratory stop-over for birds and butterflies. The peak time for bird migration is spring, especially May, when tired migrants make first landfall after their journey north across the lake. More on Point Pelee and spring migration here.

They say the best time to come is in the morning but weekends are my only chance to sleep in!  So we left shortly after 10 a.m.; stopped for a quick lunch and arrived at the park at 2 p.m.  The entrance to the park was a narrow road lined on either side with charming cottages.

We started our park exploration on the Marsh Boardwalk where we spotted several turtles and a beaver lodge. There weren’t many birds when we arrived.  After an hour of meandering along the boardwalk, they started appearing from the reeds in the marsh. Suddenly, they were everywhere and birdsong filled the air…Tree Sparrows, Blackbirds, and many others I could not identify.

By afternoon, Baltimore Orioles were abundant along the trails. We took the shuttle to the tip but going back, we decided to walk the 2.5 km trail. You’ll be able to explore more and see more birds if you walk. I’m already looking forward to going back for the fall butterfly and raptor migration! Meanwhile, enjoy the photos. If you’re interested to view the entire collection, click here.


PointPelee-1 PointPelee-8 PointPelee-6 PointPelee-5 PointPelee-4 PointPelee-3