Pork Ribs Miso Ramen for Two

Nothing like a bowl of good ramen on a cold winter’s day.

1. Boil pork ribs, lots of garlic, a large onion and red miso paste until pork is tender. Fall-off-the-bone tender. Add a tablespoon or two of sesame oil. It adds a really interesting flavour to the broth.

2. Wash eggs and boil them in the broth for about 8 min then take them out. Cook your vegetables (mustard leaves, bok choy, kale, or any leafy vegetable) in the broth just before serving.

3. Meanwhile, boil some water in another pot. Put in your ramen and boil until desired tenderness. Follow instructions on the package as a guide. Personally, I under cook the ramen a bit because I like it chewy. It also continues to cook in the hot broth as you’re having it.

4. That’s it! Combine all ingredients in a bowl and start slurping.


Buckwheat ramen.

Topped with seaweed salad. Bean sprouts would be good, too.


On the side, homemade radish kimchi and more of Costco seaweed salad :)