Virgin Coconut Oil + Vitamin E

Like the past couple of years, I suffer once again from severe dry skin around the eye area during this cold season. It comes with age, my eye doctor says. Ugh!

One year I had blepharitis; now, eczema. Recently over lunch at work, a friend  had mentioned her dermatologist’s recommendation for dry skin – homemade coconut moisturizer with vitamin E. I’ve tried a few different eye creams but none of them helped with the scaling and itchiness of my eyelids. Medicated eye cream? One can only use it for 10 days max. Prolonged use causes the skin to break. I have woken up some mornings with cracks on the folds of my eyes. I learned from my eye doctor that the steroids in eye ointments make the sensitive skin around the eyes thinner, resulting in cracks. I have got to try this coconut oil remedy!

So after some Googling, I found a simple recipe for whipped Coconut Oil + Vitamin E moisturizer. Oh, it is wonderful! I have been slathering my entire body with this moisturizer and keep a separate jar for my face. I have a couple of jars in the bathroom, one in the kitchen, and one on my office desk. The coconut aroma lingers for about 15 min and then it’s gone.

The Recipe

1 cup Organic Virgin Coconut Oil + 1 tsp. Vitamin E (8-10 capsules)  Why virgin coconut oil? Read this.


Make sure it’s VIRGIN.



Here in Toronto, at this time of year, coconut oil comes in this creamy form. It may come in liquid form in your part of the world.


Cut off the tip of each capsule using a clean pair of scissors. I ran mine under hot water. Then squeeze the vitamin E oil onto a teaspoon.


Whip a cup of coconut oil with a teaspoon of vitamin E with a mixer or by hand until fluffy.




Store in sterilized containers. I got these small cosmetic jars from the dollar store.

After a week of using this on my eyelids, my eczema has dramatically improved. It’s almost completely gone. I’ve been using it all winter (morning and night) and has kept my eczema under control.