Trying Out New Backdrops

I finally got the chance to try out some backdrops I got over the summer. They’re 12″ x 12″ sheets of inexpensive decorative paper which I got from the art store. I love the different moods they create! The delicious Pâté de Canard is from Stasis Local Foods at Roncesvalles St., Toronto.





One thought on “Trying Out New Backdrops

  1. Katherine, thank you for your wonderful blog. I cannot tell you how much I enjoy scrolling through your recipes and admiring your beautiful scrumptious images. I haven’t tried any recipes yet (dare I?), but I’ve looked through them intrigued by your new twist to old things. I must have used my brownie recipe for 10 years. Time for a change! Brown butter (or likely for me ‘burnt butter’) it is! I’m heading straight for Lamesa restaurant when I’m back in Toronto. (I like your way of creating mood and a sense of serenity, and I think your new backdrop is perfect for the crusty bread and pate.) Please keep inspiring!