Wandering Through Lavender Fields

As part of this year’s summer stay-cation, we explored a hidden gem on Canada Day weekend, not too far from home. A short hour’s drive from Oakville led us to Bonnieheath Lavender, a farm nestled on the sandy plains of Norfolk County, Waterford. The fragrant lavender fields were a sea a bluish purple hues, accented by rows of velvety white lavender. The place was so serene, you could here the constant buzz of bees in the lavender bushes.

“Bonnieheath Lavender is an ecological agri-tourism destination that provides a small farm experience through culture and education from field to final product.

The farm is lovingly tended by husband and wife team, Steve and Anita. They grow lavender, apples, wine grapes, and corn. A lazy drive around the property took us to a golden field of Brown-Eyed Susan where we spent some time admiring the view around the farm. There were butterflies and birds everywhere! I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.

Visit their website for more info – http://bonnieheatherlavender.com

Join Anita and Steve at their farm for Bonnieheath LavenderFest from July 7, Sat. to July 15, Sun.

View entire photo collection on Flickr.