Jackfruit Crème Brûlée

My daughter flew back from her 3-week volunteer trip to Kenya on Saturday evening. Since she flew Porter, we thought it would be an opportune time to try the recently opened Lamesa Filipino Kitchen in downtown TO. Too bad her flight was delayed so she was not able to join us and our friends for dinner. Anyways, we all raved about the contemporary take on traditional Filipino food at Lamesa. We enjoyed the cozy, relaxing ambiance and the food was great. The dessert – Jackfruit Crème Brûlée was divine. I could not get it off my mind, I just had to make some at home a few days later!

I took a basic Crème Brûlée recipe. For the jackfruit flavour, I simmered 6 sections of jackfruit in light syrup then puréed them with an immersion blender. (I used frozen jackfruit which I find more flavourful than canned jackfruit.)

Then I sieved the purée and added it to the Crème Brûlée mixture, and made sure I didn’t get any fibers into it.

Cook as directed in your Crème Brûlée recipe then just before serving, top with sugar (my personal preference is brown sugar) and thin slices of jackfruit then broil or torch.

This is what I’m taking to the next potluck!