Chocolate Biscotti with Pistachios

I’ve been looking forward to this weekend. I had chocolate biscotti in mind all week long! This chocolate biscotti was adapted from David Lebovitz’s recipe. Instead of almonds, I used pistachios. I think the green makes a nice contrast with the deep chocolate brown.

Above – brushing the dough with egg wash. I was out of demerara so I had to do with regular white sugar. Below – the logs after the first baking, 20 minutes in the oven.
After letting the logs cool for 15 min, I sliced them with a serrated knife.
They went back in the oven…10 min on each side. Slightly longer if you want them crunchier.
The ends didn’t get baked a second time. They went straight to my tummy :)… washed down with a glass of iced tea.

I like how the egg wash and sugar made a rustic coating on the biscotti!