My Terrariums

I found a couple of terrarium containers for the moss I’ve been keeping in Ziploc bags since summer!

There should be a layer of charcoal between the pebbles and soil but I forgot to buy some and I didn’t want to postpone making the terrariums. The charcoal acts as air filter. Let’s see what happens to my terrariums without it :|

Made a quick trip to the garden centre and found this small adiantum.

I gathered more moss around the house.

Today we went to a dollhouse shop on Mt. Pleasant Rd. in Toronto to pick up a few miniature accessories. Got a gray squirrel and a bike. The maple leaf is way out of proportion but I like it there!!! :)

Also got a pair of rain boots and a watering can.

I collected some moss-covered bark when I went on a walk in the woods earlier this week. I wonder if I can get it to grow some fungi…