Under the fall canopy

Earlier this week, I took a day off for a couple of medical appointments. It was a lovely fall day…perfect day to be off work! :) In between appointments, I went for a photo walk in the woods here in the neighbourhood hoping to capture leaves falling from trees. I’ve been on many fall photo walks but I have never captured autumn leaves falling from trees! Well, it wasn’t windy enough that day so the leaves stayed on the branches. :( I still enjoyed my solitary walk in the woods. I mostly enjoyed the silence as I took in all the details of colourful leaves, decaying wood, fungi and moss. It’s amazing what you will find under the canopy of trees! I didn’t realize that I had been in the woods for over 2 hours until my tummy started to grumble :) Here are some of the photos I took. Click anywhere on the photo to view larger images.

Enjoy fall in our corner of the world!

under the fall canopy