Summer’s last long weekend

The weather was absolutely beautiful all weekend. Our long weekend started with a backyard dinner at Phil/Zeny’s in Ajax on Friday night with the BMO gang. We were out all day on Saturday doing last-minute shopping for Francine’s move to UWO.

Sunday, we picked up our TIFF tix to the screening of “The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus” in 2 weeks. Francine is excited about her first TIFF experience. For us, this guarantees that she will be coming home from Western in 2 weeks :)


From Nathan Phillips Square, we walked all the way to Kensington Market for lunch at Jumbo Empanada. As always, it was delicious! Jets roared above us as we strolled on Queen St. – it was the day of the airshow.


MIL enjoyed it, too.


Next stop, Yorkville.


Cooling down with mango Bubble Smoothie.


And today, Francine moved in to UWO’s Elgin Hall. Mercy and Rey helped us transport Francine’s stuff in their pick up truck. When we got there, all we had to do was park at the curb. The sophs unloaded and carried everything to Francine’s room. It was a really nice welcome for the frosh :)

While we helped Francine get settled in, Mercy and Rey took MIL with them around London.

We met all 3 of Francine’s suite-mates and their parents. They were from Calgary, Winnipeg and Welland. They all seemed very nice. I think Francine will enjoy her stay at Elgin. The suite has 4 bedrooms, a living room and kitchen and 2 bathrooms. There were no tears…just goodbyes :)