Our house is slowly coming together

It’s looking and feeling more homey now. We’ve been decorating and organizing whenever we can, after work and on weekends as well. I am very pleased with our decision to go with hardwood on the entire main floor. With an open-concept layout, it flows seamlessly from room to room. We still need a couple of accent chairs in the living room. Other than that, we don’t really need anything else. I decorate sparingly.

The foyer…

We decorated our foyer with souvenirs from our travels. The woven basket and the wooden tray are souvenirs from Palawan, Phil. The clock reflected on the mirror is from Paris and the old books, also on the mirror are souvenirs from Cheltenham, England.

Breakfast Area
Here’s the sunny breakfast area where Francine paints. We plan to put a couch here since this is where we we hang out a lot.

Paris Prints
Photo prints from our recent trip to Paris

The foyer

Francine’s artworks on the mantle add a splash of colour to the beige walls. The wall sconces on either side of the fireplace give it a warm feeling when the fireplace is off.

Window Shades
Love the smooth, clean lines of these shades. What’s also nice is that you can see through them from inside but not from outside.

Living Room
I LOVE CANDLES! The shells and rocks in the vase are from beaches we’ve visited in PEI, Tadoussac (Quebec), Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket.

Breakfast Area
Picture ledges from Ikea hold photo prints and more of Francine’s paintings. The frames are held in place with sticky tack.

And this is my favourite place in the house :)