Back from Paris vacation

We’re back from a week in Paris – a graduation and birthday gift for Francine on her 18th birthday. Our hotel in Trocadero, Hotel Elysee Union, was a convenient 10-min walk to Arc de Triomphe and about 15 min to Eiffel Tower. The neighbourhood, lined with embassies, posh apartments, cafes and boulangeries was away from hordes of tourists.

We did the rounds of museums, historical sites, gardens and cafes. We walked most of the time until our legs ached! We explored the different arrondissements and discovered unexpected places that not in our itinerary. We especially enjoyed night photography at the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe, where at the end of our shoot we were told that the use of a tripod is not allowed. Oh well, too late! We came home with some amazing shots :)

On Francine’s birthday, we wandered for hours in the Louvre and Musee d’Orsay. She claims it was the best day of our trip. We also made it a point to go to Angelina’s Cafe to try their world-famous African hot chocolate and pastries. On our day trip to Giverny, we visited Monet’s house and garden and explored the charming villages. On our last day, we took it slow and spent hours at Jardin du Luxembourg. My only disappointment was walking on the banks of River Seine – it was stinky!!! I don’t know how tourists stand it. It reeked so badly of urine, we almost vomited.

Paris is a photographer’s paradise! You can stand in one spot and find so many interesting subjects for photography.