9 thoughts on “Got the keys to our new house today!

  1. Thanks Katherine. Your help is very appreciated.

    I will move to Bronte Creek early next year. We will become neighbors then.

    Have a great weekend.


  2. I didn’t find the crown moulding in the specs sheet. It’s the most simple among all the crown mouldings.

  3. Just one more question. Is it your crown moulding in the kitchen called 45o?

    Thanks, Michelle.

  4. @Michelle – It is TEA (in Branthaven’s colour selection) but I refer to it as espresso as it is more commonly known.

  5. Hi Katherine,

    I am in the process of color selection with Branthaven and would love to have the cabinet with the same colour as yours. You mentioned it is Espresso but I could only find either Cigar or Tea for dark colours. Which upgrade did you choose?

    Thanks, Michelle.

  6. Hi Michelle,

    Thanks! Our countertop is white with very light gray marbling. It’s called Okite Bianco Carrara.

  7. Your house is beautiful. I love your kitchen selections. The countertop looks great. What colour is it? I am thinking of getting the same for my new Branthaven house as well.

    Thanks, Michelle.