Ticketmaster Presales Concert Tickets – a disappointment!

Presale tickets for City and Colour’s May concert were released last Thursday, 10 am. Francine, a big Dallas Green fan, missed their last concert here in Toronto. This time, she wanted to get tickets early. So at 9:58 am last Thursday, I was on ticketmaster.ca ready to purchase and hoping to get front row tickets for the 3 of us. It was a big disappointment that the ticketing system couldn’t find 3 seats together. How is that possible?!!! Not only that. The best available seat was on row N. I had to settle for 1 row N seat for Francine and 2 row S seats for Francis and myself. Unbelievable!

We were under the impression that purchasing presale tickets increases your chances of getting better seats. Well, here’s what I found out (a little too late) on Ticketmaster.ca -

“Internet presales are usually sold from an allotment of seats, which may not reflect the same availability during the public onsale. Internet presales provide the advantage of exclusive purchasing windows in advance of the public onsale, which often results in less people competing for the pool of available seats. However, Internet presales may also have limited seating available in various areas – these presales are intended as advance purchasing windows and do not necessarily provide access to better seating. In fact, it is possible that you may be able to obtain tickets for better seats at the general public onsale than those that you purchase through a presale. We must remind you that Ticketmaster does not offer refunds or exchanges, so you will not be able to replace the tickets you obtain at a presale with other tickets that subsequently become available.”

Yesterday, Francine checked ticket availability at Massey Hall and they had row A tickets available! Unfortunately, Ticketmaster does not offer refund on presales.