Beautiful spring day! (despite thunderstorm)

My past 2 weekends have been miserable due to a 10-day migraine attack. Thankfully, that’s over and I woke up to a beautiful morning today! Every morning, no matter what the season, I check out our birch tree in the backyard. Sometimes, as soon as I get out of bed, I peer through the bedroom window to look at it. It’s become a habit. This morning, I went down, opened the shutters wide in the breakfast area and as I was making coffee, I saw a woodpecker on our tree! It was very entertaining to watch. 2 orioles later joined the woodpecker.



It was a balmy Saturday afternoon, 26C. We drove to The Beaches for an afternoon walk and some street photography. Francine was looking forward to having street hotdog for dinner. There must have been thousands of people at The Beaches! We were lucky to find a parking spot. Armed with a camera and tripod, we started walking on Queen St. then we heard the howling wind. Dust, leaves, paper whirled all around us. We could barely open our eyes. It suddenly got dark and the wind turned cold. Then down came heavy rain. We spent the afternoon at Cafe Florentin. The cafe opens to the street, perfect for people watching. After an hour at the cafe, we walked in the rain hoping it would soon let up. It didn’t. Oh, well, we’ll try this again next weekend.