Today is the last full day of summer.

I soaked in the last hours of summer as I walked around Riverwood Park all morning, camera in tow, of course.  Francis was feeling a bit under the weather and stayed home all day.  This weekend also marked a milestone in my 17-year-old daughter’s life.  She’s learning to drive!  She started the first out of 2 weekends of in-class driving lessons. After I picked her up from driving class, we headed to her school parking lot to practice.  It went very well – the car is dent free and so is the St. Joan of Arc school bus which was parked in the middle of the lot.  Surprisingly, we were both very calm!  I wish we had an automatic when I was learning to drive in Manila many, many years back.  I remember what a struggle it was for me to get the clutch and accelerator to work together. Add to that the hundreds of jeepneys on the road!

A few shots taken during my morning walk -