Past weeks full of activity

Since construction in the basement was completed 3 weeks ago, our evenings and weekends have been full of activity…moving furniture down to the basement, setting up our home office and entertainment centre. Consequently, we reorganized our main floor – moved furniture around, assembled and disassembled furniture, looked for a new set of dining table and chairs, changed lighting fixtures, did paint touch-ups on walls and doors, put things in storage…. there’s more on our task list! In addition to all this chaos, it’s the month of university campus tours. We managed to visit University of Waterloo and University of Toronto (Mississauga Campus) on the weekend. I promised Francine we’ll do more campus tours in the spring.

We are enjoying the additional living space the basement provides. Francine has already taken a liking to sleeping down here. (And so have I!) We are trying our best to keep it uncluttered and minimalistic. I actually find the bare walls refreshing to the eyes. We will eventually put up shelves but for now….I am enjoying the blank walls.

I’ve been asked a few times what colour we have on the walls – it’s called Kew Place by Ralph Lauren.

These desks from Ikea suit me and Francine very well since we both love typography.

Roaming around the Data Centre of the Computer Science Bldg. at University of Waterloo…