The Simpsons at the drive-in

It was a fun Sunday night! We saw The Simpsons Movie at 5 Drive-In, 10 min from our house. Got there an hour ahead of the 9:15 screening so we could park in a good spot – center of the screen and far enough to view the giant screen comfortably.

For those who have never been to a drive-in, you tune in to a radio station to hear the audio. Each screening shows 2 movies, sometimes 3! If you go on Thursday nights, it’s CA$15/car. On Tuesdays, it’s CA$5/person. The rest of the week, it’s CA$11/person. Just like in the cinema, you’re not allowed to bring in food. (But how would they know?)

What do I love most about drive-ins? I don’t have to put up with people who rest their feet on my backrest or people who kick my seat from the back, I can laugh as hard as I want and we can talk while watching the movie.

Wasn’t really interested in Die Hard 4. Francis and Francine watched part of it while I slept in the backseat.

Waiting for sunset…..