Meet my new friend

I finally got a MacBook Pro! :) :) :) It’s a sleek piece of hardware. We’re going to have a lot of good times together…my Mac and I. :)

I was so excited to get it up and running but I had trouble connecting it to our wireless network so I tinkered with our network and router settings until 2 am, Friday. The MBP would not accept the WEP key. After hours of tinkering with network and router settings, I got it to work but the other 2 laptops running Windows lost their connection. (Francine wasn’t happy) After more tinkering and upgrading the firmware, all 3 computers lost their connection! (Now, we’re all unhappy!) Linksys wanted to charge me $30 for technical support. Who wants to spend more money after getting a MBP? I discarded our existing network connection and started setting up the router from scratch. Now 2 out of the 3 computers were able to connect wirelessly. The Acer is being stubborn….it made a connection at one point but couldn’t get a signal. After numerous restarts, resets and reboots we solved the Acer issue by using an external wireless adapter instead of the built-in. (Now we’re all happy!)
The funny thing is…after screwing up our wireless network and many hours of troubleshooting I found out that the solution to my initial problem (WEP key not accepted by MBP) was as simple as adding a ‘$’ sign before the first digit of the WEP key!