Karaoke, Phantom and FOB

Our weekend started with dinner/karaoke on Friday night at Jonathan & Karen’s. Saw Phantom of the Opera at the Princess of Wales Theatre on Saturday afternoon. The production was spectacular! Loved it! Then, we walked (more like sprinted) to Queen St. to catch Fall Out Boy at MuchMusic. We didn’t make it in time for their appearance outside but we still got a chance to listen to them play a couple of songs. Francine was heartbroken…not even get a glimpse of FOB. Even our lobster dinner failed to cheer her up. If you’re in the Kensington Market area, head to Hua Sing Seafood Restaurant on Baldwin St. for a delicious lobster dinner. 2 lobsters with your choice of Ginger-Green Onion Sauce or Black Bean Sauce for only $28! It’s quite delicious and the place is bright and clean and guess what…the table covers are real table cloths, not white disposable plastic! The Fried Soft Shell Crab’s really good, too! If Hua Sing is full, head next door to Hua Sang. They’re siblings. After dinner, we walked to Jumbo Empanada in Kensignton Market. These Chilean empanadas are yummy!

Before heading to Loblaws this morning for my weekend shopping I made a quick stop at the garden centre…I intended to just look around but ended up buying several plants (again).

Some photos shot at MuchMusic -

Can’t focus my shot amidst a sea of excited teenagers!

Francine, trying to get a shot.

No, this isn’t Francine’s placard.