The Dragon in the Year of the Pig

In Chinese astrology, I am a dragon. A wood dragon to be more specific. 2007 is the Year of the Pig (or Boar) and here’s my horoscope for the year:

Dragon, this year is your chance to alter your luck! You have a myriad of possibilities and fortune in front of you.

This is the year of much happiness and celebration for all Dragons. In fact, these celebrations will be impossible to avoid. You will have many happy events all around you, everywhere you look! From celebrations within your family to those offered by friends and acquaintances, it will literally be a year of joy. You should strive to celebrate any and all positive tidings that come your way. From weddings to job promotions to smaller, less noteworthy affairs, everything should be celebrated. In fact, it is important to know that all types of celebrations will be of benefit to the Dragon.

This year is your chance to alter your luck and to fight back in strong, positive measures. In your future are many possibilities of good fortune. On the other hand, your status and name may be in peril, so you must work to manage these issues with talent and grace. If you evade well enough, you will find an amazing life filled with riches and good fortune right around the bend! Do not ignore what is right in front you, and be sure to put the proper importance on these issues, otherwise you could end up in a courtroom or face an onslaught of other severe penalties.

Your Palace of life is without a top-rung powerful star in 2007, and unfortunately, the minor stars that are in residence, Hong Luan and Yue De, are not helping matters any. This being said, you do have many other lucky stars arranged around your Palace of life, and they are scattered everywhere. Be careful until you arrive at your end goal, and do not waste your energy on arrogance, as you may have trouble lurking around the corner. There are people in your circle that you trust, but be cautious, as you may have to deal with a disloyalty.

The possibility of such a disloyalty seems to come from the unlucky star Yin Sha, along with the unlucky star Xiao Hao. Combined, these two stars could bring about a myriad of failures, the degree of which could fluctuate among all Dragons. In 2007, the Year of the Pig, many Dragons will face a negative blow to their status and name. It is essential to watch on what you say, who you say it to, and where you store private information. Be positive that your private matters remain private!

Remember to focus on celebrations of all types this year! The happiness of these functions will help to dispel the poor and depressing forces within your Palace of virtues.