In the dead of winter….

We turned in our leased minivan and got a new Jeep Liberty. The Jeep’s fun to drive but I miss the spaciousness of the Caravan. I took it out for a spin one snowy evening…it felt very steady on snow covered pavement and through a dashboard icon, the Electronic Stability Program lets the driver know when the vehicle is going too fast for the road condition. Francine looks forward to driving this cute ute when she turns 16 this summer!

This week, Francine finished writing her Grade 10 first semester finals. She has 9 days off school and wanted to do something different with her hair. I took her to my hairdresser for a cut and also had the bottom layer of her hair dyed deep red which turned out kinda brown on her black hair. Disappointed about the failed red colouring, we added a few red streaks a couple of days later. Here it is…

St. Joan of Arc, Francine’s school, moved in to a new building just steps away from our house. The facilities are impressive!

Feb. 11th marked 16 years of marriage.